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Where can you find a custom capacitor manufacturer with outstanding customer service oriented staff, with a vast and ever changing product portfolio, and industry leading production lead times?  You already have, it’s EFC/Wesco! 

EFC/Wesco is dedicated to being the most reliable and responsive film capacitor manufacturer in the world.  We are your leading source for one-of-a-kind film capacitors, fulfilling orders of any quantity.  This is due in large part to our experienced and attentive management and engineering staff, coupled with our modern facility and machinery, compliance with international environmental standards, high quality standards as evidenced by our ISO 9001:2008 certification, and remarkable on-time delivery.  Not to mention the seamless flow from the initial order, to manufacturing, to quality control, to shipping, to delivery to the continuously satisfied customer.

EFC/Wesco manufactures custom film capacitors for various industries, such as medical, scanning, power supplies, audio, power switching, and subsequently can provide a comprehensive datasheet and description to meet any application.  Products featured on www.filmcapacitors.com can be customized to your specific application by simply contacting the factory.

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